Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Temporary setback

I'm getting more of it at work than from running, but I'm assured a stress fracture is actually related to overuse ;¬)

I finished LTOB with an aching right lower shin, very painful the following few days with a pronounced limp and need for Ibuprofen. The swelling and pain settled with a week without running, but a brief plod on Tuesday morning confirmed all was not still right. The physio is as sure as he can be without a CT scan that it is a stress fracture.

So its a break from impact exercise for me. Good job I have a bike ;¬)


  1. Sorry to hear this, Danny. It could be inflamed tendon-to-bone attachment, not necessarily a stress fracture. Rest it and don't do any running if it's painful, but keep up the walking as long as that's not painful. It sounds similar to what I had a few years ago. It was right again within 2 months. I found that Aloe Vera tablets helped with the inflammation and pain, and that a tell-tale sign of final imminent recovery was when the pain became kind of itchy. Good luck.

  2. you're joining the mtb countryside terrorists then?

  3. Cheers guys.

    Nick - Though the fiz diagnosed there is still that element of doubt in my mind. Though its probably influenced by impatience. Not feeling any pain the last few days. But then felt ok'ish last weekend, but got pain within about .5m of a run attempt on Monday.

    UC - I did have some good fun on MTB in Afan forest as part of a stage weekend Friday before last. But my own bike is a hybrid, so I'll be mostly sticking to roads.