Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Whatever happened to that Drunken Euphoria fella who used to blog?

I think he got injured...
Is he still?
Possibly, I heard he tried cycling and that injured him as well.
Unlucky..... anything else
Oh and I'm sure I heard he'd put on weight and now has Tesco home deliver him huge bags of tortilla chips which he gorges on washed down with sugary fizzy drinks.
But I also heard somebody thought they saw him running at night, dressed in black, muttering and with a pronounced limp, probably drunk and running into things.
Oh I heard that too... and scrounging from bins?
Thats right.
Hope thats not true? shame.... he seemed alright really.
Maybe he's retired and found a good woman to settle down with?
That would be nice, but would that stop him running?
ehhhhh..... doubt it.
Lets hope he's getting back in training for another marvellous adventure.
Yeh.... Maybe the Coast to Coast and do you think he'd do the Lakeland 100 again?
Oh yes, and I'd bet he'd get round a lot faster next time too.
I'll be there, I'd better get training so I can beat him!


  1. dont believe a word he's saying!
    he always does this
    the 'oh no i haven't trained for this at all, im just using it as a practice run' routine
    closet school boy swot you mean?
    yeah..that sort..well er be off, got some training i mean drinking to be doing