Friday, 13 January 2012

(Slightly) Warm(-er) weather training

I'm off on my travels to Sicily for a week this Saturday. As well as a nice break, meeting some nice people and some great food (it seems to be amongst the most reputable regions in Italy for this - promising simple, but great tasting fresh produce). I'm also hoping that the Island lives up to its promise from a little Wikipedia research, "The terrain of inland Sicily is mostly hilly,....". As those who see my RW forum posts can probably tell I'm quite excited by the prospect of a bit of holiday hill-running... not too much though, don't want to upset the missus.

(pic from Wikipedia, hope they don't mind)

I'm staying just on the edge of Messina, so it looks like 1000m+ terrain isn't too far away. Maybe an ascent and descent of Etna may be too much to ask... but how much fun would that be!!!

Hopefully will have a nice highlights blog on my return.

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  1. 'etna hills' the new 'kenyon hills'. have a great time!