Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The importance of cross training

Its somewhere in the background of the big picture when your a runner, but you just can't ignore it if you want to train hard for something. This was todays XT session less ordinary...

Suffer warm bus, dehydrating steadily.
Arrive at KC Stadium, dodge in and out of other fans to develop muscles for twisting trails.
Climb steps to stand, self explanatory.
Rehydrate using a h20 and carbohrdate mix, a popular XT energy drink known as beer, side effect is enhanced enjoyment of forthcoming "session".

Take seats and promptly barely use for entire first half, developing various leg muscles as guy in front never sits down.
Action on the pitch tests your patience - important for a long distance runner.
Half time, once again weave through crowds to promptly hit queue at "Energy drink only" window.
Rehydrate further, possibly too much as need to visit loo... hydration is a science!
Commence the difficult second half of session, where patience is further tested, and just occasionally, will to go on with session is severley tested.
Second half appears to be all descent - hard on tiring legs.
Unexplained nausea...... maybe caused by smug spurs fans.
Abandon stadium, make haste to nearest exit, practice weaving again whilst in a dehydrated and slightly tired state.
More warm bus, urge to kill rising.
Get off bus, face the demons saying further "energy drinks" are needed, this will not help the second half-induced nausea or the mental battle to go on.
Arrive at finish, sleep will help the pain and anguish caused by the session subside. Now take a few days rest from cross training and do something more constructive.... e.g. running. You will cross train again, it is important, you just don't quite know why.


  1. but theres no mention of salty nut-deliverd protein consumption. i think you need to re-examine your choice of diet...and team ;)

  2. You could be right. Though I reckon, getting past the disappointment of something you can't control must build mental fortitude.

  3. ..and inevitable insanity..i had it in the 80's..the good news is that its just need a very rich and kind benefactor to provide the cure