Tuesday, 18 August 2009

So far so good

I got around the Marsden Moor Meander on Saturday, with something to spare, 22 miles in 4 hours 16. There's a report to follow. I even managed a short run Sunday after a lay-in / hangover-sleep-off and before Sunday lunch. 4 miles, easy, undulating, road and trails. Hardly a sign I'm ready for 3 marathons in 3 days, but at least I didn't feel like death on Sundays run and could have done more if I had time. Running after Sunday Lunch just isn't an option, almost a religious conviction that I don't run on a bloated belly! Unlike the fella in the pic I tagged on.

Monday was cross training - dumb-bell exercises, core strength, stretching, body resistance exercises - and tonight was back on the roads, 7.5m of ups and downs with 45mins of that in a fartlek-style short effort and shorter recovery. Feeling quite good, but still a way to go. I am feeling slightly more tired at work, especially on Mondays, but managing to garner strength for evening runs. I'm still at relatively low mileage, hitting 40+ most weeks but including 20m+ events at weekends that's not excessive. I plan to hit 50's and 60's. The long runs are important but I also think the time on feet for conditioning and consecutive day mileage are essential.

I have a feeling the running planned for this weekend will be a challenge like I haven't faced before.

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  1. hey DE sounds like it all coming together well for you. reading about your efforts has given me a kick up the..