Thursday, 17 September 2009

One week to go

This time next week I'll hopefully be all tucked up for my last recharging sleep before the Atlantic Coast Challenge (ACC). I'm quite excited, but have quite a busy week beforehand at work and getting prepared for this. Since doing 39m two weekends ago I've been cutting the mileage slightly, low 40's last week and probably this. Last 20+ last weekend over the wolds and just 15m on the Saturday plan this week and a token effort on Sunday.

My weekly mileage hasn't been mega, but certainly big for me and often concentrated around a long and a medium run at the weekend. Last 5 weeks have all been forties, fifties and one excursion into the high 60's which is a best for me. I've only done two runs this week (Tue=9, Thu=10), but weekend should get me to high thirties at least.

I find the mid to long runs at this stage a bit boring/tedious as I just want to be doing my big run next week.... now. So I've decided to enter one last race of 15m, ideal length and in Calderdale so will be hilly and muddy. I'm also not breaking the 20 so not depleting the energy stores completley - I hope. I'll give your the filthy details when I'm done.

Regarding ACC prep, I'm about ready bar the packing. There is a short required kit list but I'm hoping I can get it all in the new Inov8 race Elite 3 pack I've ordered. I can always nab a few velcro pockets off another pack. This is assuming it ever turns up - great time for a 5-7 working day delivery to actually take that long and a postal strike! Really hoping I get this tomorrow so I can use it on Saturday as sort of "dress rehearsal". I'm also undecided on shoes so I'll be taking road, mild trail and harsher trail shoes - leaving nothing to chance. If its like coastal paths in my area then the trails will be quite solid, but if its more like Calderdale or parts of peak district then it could be pretty muddy all year around. I've also started reading Feet in the Clouds again to keep the inspiration topped up. Food wise there is breakfast and dinner provided if you want it. On the run there is water, cordial drinks, and flat cola (latter of these I'll only experiment with if thoroughly sick of other two). I'll be taking one bottle of my own energy drink each day too, to assure I get all the electrolytes, etc... There are also supposed to be sandwiches at some CP, which is always nice and I'm quite partial to a cheese and pickle on the run. I haven't found it causes me stomach problems. At the end of each raceday we can also get soup and For Goodness Shakes. Both of which I believe will be useful to restock various drained resources. I've tried the shakes after a long run and often run well the next day. They may not be the reason but could well be a piece of the jigsaw.

Enough of that, I'm babbling on. I'll report again when  have something to report.

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  1. sounds like you have it planned to the nth detail
    cant wait to see what you make of it
    if its good i may give it a go myself next year
    think your mileage is spot on..just the right amount with your two longees back to back