Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What goes up....

Being that my last few posts have been relentlessly positive I thought it only fair that I have a moan about a bad run and a slightly worrying evening.

With nothing particularly planned I headed out to the club run. It was a warm night, still over 20c approaching 7pm so I went out in a vest. I don't do the slower club pack run on a Tuesday that often, preferring to do my own thing and then do the club hard run on Thursdays. On this occasion I felt an easy runout would be a good thing after the weekend.

Legs feeling suprisingly good at start almost like I hadn't just run a 39m weekend and 67m week (both "bests" for me). I was turning over nicely at below 9 min/miling having a chat to a few people. A few miles in it started to drizzle and eventually properly rain, I was getting quite cool with only the vest and the run ended up as 10.5m with regroups, making it a 1hr20+ outing. I started to tire near end and quite stiff upper legs when finished. I'd also further cooled as we chatted at the end. temp had dropped to just above 10c by time I got back to car.

I got home, feeling cold and some loss of coordination/feeling in hands - surely I couldn't be hypothermic in summer? I knocked up a quick spicy, tomatoe-y pasta and washed it down with a warm ale. I still felt crap, lethargic, and achey and a hot shower didn't help much. Last thing I want is a cold a few weeks before the Atlantic Coast Challenge!

In bed I started overheating like I had a fever and I had a "stressful" dream night. Woke up in early hours, sweaty as hell with a headache. Took an ibuprofen which seemed to help as I woke up for work feeling a bit tired but generally ok. Got through the day with strong caffiene and feeling just about right now.

So, I'd love to know what was that all about? cold, fever, then gone within 12 hours. Had getting wet and cold bashed my immune system so I fell pray to a virus? If so, nice of it to pass so quickly. Anybody else had a quick onset and recovery like that?


  1. the 'stressful' dream? i'd put it down to nothing more than halucinations about the tigers getting a top four spot ;)

  2. I'm a realist, even in my dreams were barely top half