Saturday, 10 October 2009

2 weeks recovery, 2 weeks taper

I've reached the stage of being nearly two weeks recovered which means less than two weeks until Snowdonia. Quite sensibly for me I didn't run until Thursday after the event - 4 days rest - and then didn't do anything at a strenuous pace until this Wednesday. That's still probably too early but I figure I'm pretty well trained and recover quickly by now.

I'm still on a bit of a high and enjoying each run despite sometimes less panoramic locations than the South West coast path. Here's an untypical week and a bit in my MIUAYGA - Make It Up As You Go Along - schedule...

Thu 01/10 - 8m club run, down the humber path into Hull. Solid trail along side of A63 at first (bit grim) but with an almost glassy, calm, Humber a few yards the other way, reflecting a multitude of yellows, reds and oranges as the sun set. The next section is all path, passing a retail park, skeltons of dock buildings and then the highlight; a raised walkway over the dock warehouses which is very surreal. Its was dark going back and the A63 provided a useful function as the roadlights and headlights lit the trail. Felt like a medium effort, but quite a slow pace.

Sun 04/10 - Sandstone Trail race - A very nice event in part through Delaware forest in Cheshire. Met up with Claire for a steady-paced run; as she is in injury recovery and I was being sensible. Very nice trail, flat at first and then deceptively undulating at the end, nothing that required a walk though. A very nice off-road introduction event with very runnable paths. We did the 10.5m route, but the 17m apparently has an undulating and scenic ridge run to get you a sweat on before joining the 10.5milers - one for next year.

Mon 05/10 - Hessle hills training - Up and down the small hills on roads in my hometown, which adds up to a fun challenge I might have once considered hilly. Again pace was steadier than I thought.

Wed 07/10 - Club 4 x 400m champs - Exactly the sort of thing I probably shouldn't be doing, but they do say a change is as good as a rest. B******s, but a memorable quote. I was B leg in my team (A's being faster, C's and D's - you get the picture) and ran pretty well. On first attempt, made up the few yards to other team through first 200, sat on him till 300 and then kicked home. Felt great and dead chuffed with 69 seconds. I didn't disgrace myself in other two legs of races either, no one got past, and despite putting more in could only manage 72 and 73 seconds. Happy with that after recent lack of focus on speed.

Thu 08/10 - Club hard session - Ran to the meet up point carrying a pack of hobnob's as my turn to bring biccies - must have looked slightly odd. 1m+ warmup and then 5 x 2k - and a bit - undulating road laps at nearly 10k effort with just 100m recovery. Really one to pace well as thats a lot of fast stuff and little recovery. Did something right as my laps got slightly faster each time ending up 21 seconds faster on last than first. With cooldown ended up being over 10m - a session with it all.

Sat 10/10 - Run around Hessle, < 3.5m mostly flat on roads, but with some solid trail and a decent climb out of the quarry via ~ 100 steps (I'd guess). It'd been a sedentary day so I hit a good effort of nearly 7 min/miling.

Tomorrow will be my practice run. Too late for a productive long run so I'm going to run a few 5m laps with a long climb and descent. Remind the legs what Snowdonia demands.

Eating really well and can't sleep enough.. which reminds me (YAWN)...

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  1. wow now thats what you call mixing it up!! quite a variety of runs there danny. I'm very jealous... I'm still not running since ACC due to a dodgy right ankle. I turned it a few times on the final day and the result was some impressive swellage! so having to take it easy and just make do with an exercis bike to keep my fitness up. Good luck with Snowdonia 262!