Friday, 16 October 2009

Effects of all the Mara-FUN

In prep for the ACC I ignored various niggles and have had a pleasent injury-free spell going back to 2008. I certainly think the generally softer off road surfaces and slower paces have helped this, as well as the greater variety of muscles engaged on the more variable inclines. Having Snowdon Marathon to prepare for has kept me going but I'm starting to suffer some "wear and tear".

A sore spot under my left foot I first felt the day after the ACC has returned, maybe not a bone-bruise after all. I've also started to suffer all kinds of right leg problems in my last three runs, with sore top-outside of knee being joined by a sore calve yesterday making the last mile of 11 a bit of a pathetic limp. I'm a bit paranoid that the majority of my runs in the last 3 weeks have been on hard surfaces - mostly due to the shortening days - so I'll return to off-road for this weekend. Damage limitation up until Snowdon. Then I'll rest awhile.....

..... who am I kidding the next zany event will be just around the corner! I am Danny and I am a running addict ;¬)

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