Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Running in Heels

You learn some useful things through running, about your body, which gear is best for particular conditions, what to eat and when to fuel and refuel. An example of the above, I know when getting up early to breakfast and travel for a long event or race I'll get a bowel movement 20-25mins after breakfast...... so I can factor this into my alarm time. No good getting a rumbling gut when your already on the road. More than you needed to know about me maybe, but I bet you know your own "post-breakfast crap window" too :¬0

Away from the bodyshock - today I learned something about a brand of road shoes I'm surprised doesn't constitute a design flaw. Mizuno shoes I've owned seem to have that groove underneath the heel. The disadvantage is big stones get stuck in. However, they are light, comfy and responsive so I tend to keep buying them. Today I turned up for a club run, ran about 400yards through fresh snow and had the feeling of large stones stuck in the grooves of both shoes, felt so big that I was running on the stones rather than the shoes. I stopped and checked it out and snow had been compacted in the groove, filled it up beyond the bottom of the grip to form a hard, annoying, mini cuban-heel. Has this ever bothered anybody else? Thankfully I soon got over this, hardened the f**ck up, but ..... where am I going with this, don't know, but its a strange flaw for a big sportswear manufacturer who supposedly test these things...... except obviously in fresh snow. Back to trail shoes in snow from now on. Wonder if there is good money in independent design consultation.


  1. glad to see i'm not the only person with blowel movement issue's. Coffee, fruit & fibre, does it for me. ive been using inov'8 the past month, brill with the snow, ice and rocks. It's not often i run on road.

  2. I agree with andrew. I was out in 4 inches of snow last night and my roclites coped admirably! its gotta be offroaders in this weather.

  3. Yes, I agree. I have three pairs of offroad shoes on the go as my running is still 75% off-orad even at this time of year. Though most running shoes are ok in the fluffy snow, just the mizuno's a bit awkward, though I gather their trail shoes are better.

  4. i'm a 'soon as i wake man..then go back for seconds after a cuppa'..too much info..but you started it
    havent tried road shoes in shoes but my continental divides are currently my in favour shoes