Wednesday 22 June 2011


1. The end of the Coast to Catterick report through pictures. Not forgotten, just not got round to it.

2. A report on my Wolds Way attempt - coming soon.

Saturday 4 June 2011

Perfect day

Well nearly, started off warm but still - a bit too warm for carefree running with pack, on hills, even at 10am. Great light for pictures though, making the Wolds look glossy green. So I snapped a bit of todays out and back 20.3 miles along the Wolds way. Towards the end it clouded over a bit and a breeze appearerd as if I was being rewarded for my efforts. A good run. Tired calves by end, but no niggling right shin pain which is promising.

A steep, if short climb out of Woodale up towards Mt Airey.

Quirky woodwork in Little Wold Plantation.

Flowers in the fields at the High Hunsley Beacon. The high point of todays route at a mere 530 feet. But the culmination of one of 11 distinct climbs.

About to descend into picturesque and peaceful Swindale and disturb the tranquility of the local sheep population.

After the turnaround, climbing out of Coomber dale.

Descending from Litte Wold to climb Great Wold (ahead right). South Cave nestles to the right. Beyond this fields, the Humber and Lincolnshire are visible.

The Airfield on top of Great Wold, a few propeller planes were out today. I saw one coming into land today - a first for me whilst running around here - coming in low over the Plantation sheltering the hill top airfield.

A nice day out to test myself on small hills after a conspicuous lack of 20 milers since my Coast to Coast run. Lots of climbs to 350-530ft, with descents back well below 200 before climbing again in a quick succesion - meaning over 3000ft of climb without too much hardship.