Wednesday 30 May 2012

Evolution not Revolution

Things have changed in the last few years and DrunkenEuphoria was starting to feel like it needed a "rebrand". The note on the right contains a link to what I hope to be a new, interesting and exciting read.

For a start, I don't drink that much anymore, I wasn't exactly George Best when I started the longer-than-marathon journey with the Atlantic Three day challenge in 2009 and irregular ultra-trail events beforehand. It was based on my running forum name from when I started my journey towards my first London marathon back in late 2004. Like most in their twenties I "went out" more back then. Now like many in their thirties I'm more settled down. Also alcohol ain't exactly health food when your getting the miles in!

I'm older, if not wiser now, so I thought I'd base my new blog identity on my happy place in the World - The Yorkshire Wolds - the horseshoe-shaped chalk hills encompassing much of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It's my place to run and it ain't half bad, everyone should try an event this way sometime. Maybe once their tired of crowds, noise and fancy something less seen than the cities, towns and big national parks.

No chance of wholesale change, I'm not that creative or unhappy with the past. This just felt the right time and I wanted to see where this goes...